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Month: August 2022

Transfer Market Casemiro

Transfer Market: The Final Push

The transfer market is a rather strange phenomenon. It is almost representative of school projects. Remember your chemistry assignments? Or the math ones? History perhaps. Pick any subject you did not like. And that represents the transfer market better than anything else. Imagine having more than two months to complete a certain activity and waiting till the last week. Panic, frenzy and overall hyperactivity. However, this is not a complaint. In fact, this very nature …

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Transfer market Frenkie De Jong

Transfer Market: 3 imminent signings

One must never forget the inevitable. In life or in sport. And football’s great inevitability is the transfer market. Notwithstanding the start of a new season, the market remains open for movement of players. It is like stretching the concept of borrowed time into an entire phenomenon. One could call it a masterstroke of sorts. The press, the content makers, headline writers, television channels and every other person related to the sport benefits from a …

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Manchester United Ten Hag

Manchester United: 3 shrewd buys

Manchester United. It is a drama that keeps giving. A club dishing out generous doses of extremely snackable content. And emanating news filled with headline material. Newspapers love this club. And so do the multiple online portals that are dependent on the functioning of this global behemoth. No day ever goes by unnoticed. No activity ever goes unpublished. And no movement ever goes unreported. Someone or the other is speaking about them. Consequently, Manchester United …

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Champions League Messi Neymar

Champions story – the start

And then the Almighty said, “Let there be light!” So came the football’s champions to light up the world with tricks, flicks, skills, technique, drama and the inevitable joy and heartache only sport can conjure. Better than any script. Better than any performance. And certainly the most enthralling piece of viewing experience. At its best, watching a game of football can be immensely satisfying. And at its worst, it can be the most exhausting experience. …

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