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Month: March 2022

Title race Manchester City

Title race across Europe

We are reaching that time of the year when football viewership reaches a delicate point. Excitement, yes. Nervousness – perhaps even more. This is that time of the season when the casual fan watches as many of their favourite team’s games, as their closest competitors. One eye is perpetually fixed towards challengers. This is the European title race after all! It is probably the time the casual fan discovers that hidden gem from a team …

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The Race for Chelsea: Key Facts

Chelsea FC’s world is about to change. After 19 years under the benevolence of Roman Abramovich’s purse, they’re now embarking on a new era. Abramovich completely transformed this club. Chelsea were previously in and around the top four in the Premier League. But under the Russian’s reign, they became a force to reckon with. Five Premier League titles. Two Champions League titles. Five FA Cups. Three League Cups. The UEFA Super Cup. And the FIFA …

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European football

European football: Unexpected Stars

Some players are expected to excel, others not so much – that’s the reality in European football. One would readily expect Kylian Mbappe to do an excellent job whenever he is on the pitch, for example. But not every player carries that sort of expectation when stepping on to the pitch. Many teams have seen such players performing well who weren’t expected to have this sort of impact when the season started. Here’s a quick …

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Champions League Real Madrid

UCL Round of 16 2nd leg review

Down to 8 now! The UCL Round of 2nd leg games have confirmed the exit of some big teams. And with Europe’s top eight teams left, a march towards continental glory begins. The road to Saint Denis gets clearer. It was not always supposed to head to France. In fact, the original dream destination was Saint Petersburg. However, the ongoing crisis between Ukraine and Russia caused the detour. And this detour takes the watching world …

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UCL Round of 16 2nd leg

UCL Round of 16 2nd leg

And the band shall gather again. This time for the UCL Round of 16 2nd leg. Some battles are lost and some battles already won. Most battles, however, are placed tantalizingly on a knife edge. The Champions League has made a slight tweak to its away goals rule. Now, with goals away from home not carrying any weight, there could be overtime in a few games of the UCL Round of 16 2nd leg. Previously, …

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