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Month: August 2021

Premier League

Every Premier League team’s MVP

Every Premier League team has that one player without whom they crumble apart. That player may not be the flashiest of the lot, but he is undoubtedly the most important. Football is a team game, of course. But there’s that one individual without him the identity of the team falls apart, the quality reduces. The Premier League season is three games old, and it is a good time to look at the 20 teams and …

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Arsenal and Mikel Arteta are falling fast

It doesn’t look too good for Arsenal right now. Last season was hardly a stellar achievement, but three losses from three surely beats that nadir. Mikel Arteta was appointed on the basis of his Arsenal connect and the experience he gained working under one of the world’s best managers in Pep Guardiola. He never really got going, however. They crawled to eighth in the league, but did win the FA Cup, which caused elation among …

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Best transfers in 2021

Best transfers in 2021 rated

Cristiano Ronaldo is close to a switch back to Manchester. This was supposed to be a romantic narrative. One of the greatest ever of the game returning to the land where he became a great. Only it is not. The now Juventus man is lobbying for a move – via his entourage – to the other parish of Manchester. The blue one. Once unthinkable but now very much possible. Well, perhaps the definition of unthinkable …

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Premier League

Premier League best midfields rated

Games are won and lost in midfield, with control in the middle of the pitch often defining games. The Premier League title race will be a tight one this season. Manchester City start as favourites and defending champions, but their city neighbours have invested well, and so have Chelsea after their UEFA Champions League victory. The likes of Liverpool and Leicester are in an around the top six as well. In a gripping season, midfield …

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2021 awards

Lionel Messi at PSG: euphoria in emptiness

5th August 2021 was like any other Thursday. Unassuming and perhaps even boring. Filled with a tinge of hope and enthusiasm as the weekend drew closer. It was no different in Barcelona. Except, of course, at their football club. There was a sense of impending inevitability. Of loss, yearning and helplessness. Strangely yet quite possibly not for everyone. Not even perhaps their PR or media personnel knew of the fast-approaching storm. One which would leave …

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