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Title Race

Liverpool, City, Milan, Inter – title race

One is fun. Two make a party. Every time one thinks they have seen it all, football throws up something quite extraordinary. Liverpool, Manchester City, AC Milan, Inter Milan. Four clubs and three areas starting with M are in contention for the big W in the title race when play time commences in England and Italy this weekend. And to make matters more tantalizing, they do not play each. That means, there are two sets …

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Real Madrid

Real Madrid – a Champions League love story

And on some nights, my god, doesn’t football help live life? Everything goes away. Pain goes away. Sufferings go away. Worries go away. And you just beautifully, and willingly, drown yourself in the absolute ocean of joy and magic that football offers up! It shakes you up. Moves you to tears. Makes you cry out in sudden joy. There really is nothing like football. So lap it up Real Madrid, an institution that simply refuses …

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UCL semifinal 2nd leg Benzema

UCL semifinal 2nd leg preview

Did you pause? And so did you miss it? Or did catch it all? Take it all in. Because there was just so much to take in. Two matches and so much action, you would be forgiven had you been left wanting more. And what is funny is that there is more. Yet it may not seem nearly enough. The UCL semifinal 2nd leg games are now upon us. Two matches for two teams to …

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Champions League semifinal

Champions League semifinal preview

And then there were four. The UCL semifinal lineup is ready and is, on first glance, a strange mix. Real Madrid, Manchester City, Liverpool and Villarreal. One would think that is a typing mistake. Villarreal in the Champions League semifinal does sound like a person caught in the wrong job. One would usually associate the final stages of the Europa League with the Yellow Submarines. However, here we are. The big punchers of the continental …

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Champions League Luka Modric

Champions League quarterfinal review

Oooff! Champions League football, wow! This competition never fails to amaze. Quite amazing. And the Champions League quarterfinal second leg lived up to the billing. At least the first night. It lived up to every billing ever. A team completed the most improbable comeback. No sooner did the other team revert Champions League normalcy. Or as we have known normalcy in Champions League to be over the last ten years. From normalcy to absolute abnormalcy. …

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