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Messi Ronaldo Neymar

Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and the World Cup

Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar will walk out for their final FIFA World Cup bow in Qatar later this year. Take a moment, sigh and let it sink in. Perhaps, till the moment really arrives, the magnitude of this will not really dawn upon the general public. Three of the very best players of this generation will all hang their boots simultaneously. Well, almost simultaneously. All three of them will hope to go the …

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England manager Gareth Southgate

England World Cup squad analysis

England recently announced their last squad before the FIFA World Cup. Therein, it is safe to say, there have been plenty of discussion surrounding the selections, and, of course, the non-selections. Perhaps there will never come a day when an England squad will not be analyzed, scrutinized and debated. The spotlight is simply that bright. An England team will be loved, they will be hated too. But, for better or for worse, they will never …

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Champions European title race Liverpool

Champions of Europe’s top 5 leagues

When every season begins, it brings with it hope. Hope is accompanied by expectations. And neither expectations nor hope knows any bounds. So, as the big teams across Europe set about their campaign, the fans, players, staff and management hope that this is their season. In fact, the quest to become Champions begins well before the season commences. Some teams even start planning their next campaign before the current one finishes. After all, to be …

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Champions League Messi Neymar

Champions League: the preiview

The Champions League is back! And everyone is extremely elated. There really is no club competition that comes close to the drama and fanfare of Europe’s elite club competition. A collection of the best. To crown the best of the bests. The craze for this tournament is not limited to the fans. Even the players consider this the holy grail of club football. The sound of the Champions League anthem bellowing on the infotainment systems …

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Transfer Market Casemiro

Transfer Market: The Final Push

The transfer market is a rather strange phenomenon. It is almost representative of school projects. Remember your chemistry assignments? Or the math ones? History perhaps. Pick any subject you did not like. And that represents the transfer market better than anything else. Imagine having more than two months to complete a certain activity and waiting till the last week. Panic, frenzy and overall hyperactivity. However, this is not a complaint. In fact, this very nature …

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