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Paul Pogba – simplicity, complications & isolation

And Paul Pogba quickly adjusted his stride. A gushing wind seemed to stop the ball in mid-air and flummox all. Quickest to react, he took two steps forward. And tamed the dropping ball on his right boot. A curve inside, one man down. A touch to mesmerize, two men down. Then a pause to send the third man sprawling. Measure - space created. Now, load and shoot. Magic. The ball flew with care and conviction written from the custom-made PP6 boots. As if postage-stamped, it embraced the nylon of the Fulham net. Goalkeeper down. And for the second time in the space of a week, Pogba elevated Manchester United. Destination - top of the Premier League. First beyond Liverpool. Then beyond Manchester City. In Paul Labile Pogba's world, it is all so simple. Right foot sweet volley, left foot power caress. He wants to and he does it. That should ...
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