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Erling Haaland transfer: which team should he choose?

"Erling Haaland scores" are probably the three most overused consecutive words in football today. And yet, it is somehow not enough. Haaland seems to be doing whatever he can. He runs. hunts, harries, torments, and scores. He still has to shout expletives. It is just not happening for Dortmund. Too gloomy even for football's brightest star to light up. Haaland is among the most elite goalscorers in the world currently. It took the striker only 14 games to reach 20 Champions League goals. He is the youngest and fastest to that mark in the history of the competition. In fact, nobody else has achieved this feat before turning 21. Haaland is only 20. He is the generational talent of this era. The creme de la creme of our time. One half of the heirs apparent to Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi's duopoly.  Haaland's rise has been meteoric over the last ...
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