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Champions story – the start

And then the Almighty said, "Let there be light!" So came the football's champions to light up the world with tricks, flicks, skills, technique, drama and the inevitable joy and heartache only sport can conjure. Better than any script. Better than any performance. And certainly the most enthralling piece of viewing experience. At its best, watching a game of football can be immensely satisfying. And at its worst, it can be the most exhausting experience. And yet, it is nigh addictive. Love it, hate it, can never ignore it. Neither can one run away from it. There is a reason that football players are among the most highly paid employees across any organization in any domain. Major players from across industries are running to get a piece of the pie. Footballers are among the rare breed of professionals who are doing their job in front of the watching world on ...
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