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Title Race

Liverpool, City, Milan, Inter – title race

One is fun. Two make a party. Every time one thinks they have seen it all, football throws up something quite extraordinary. Liverpool, Manchester City, AC Milan, Inter Milan. Four clubs and three areas starting with M are in contention for the big W in the title race when play time commences in England and Italy this weekend. And to make matters more tantalizing, they do not play each. That means, there are two sets of two simultaneously tantalizing games to keep an eye on. Further, the ones in Italy start within an hour of them in England. Merseyside, Manchester, Milan and Milan. Red, blue, red, blue. England spreads across two neighbouring cities. Meanwhile, Italy has to contend with a hectic city divide. These games are not just about titles or victories. They are about pride, loyalty, culture and everything so fiercely personal that there remains only heartbreak in commendable ...
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